Wholesale specifications for phosphatidylserine liquids



The specifications of phosphatidylserine liquid available for wholesale may vary depending on the manufacturer or supplier.However, here are some common specifications that you might encounter,including concentration,source,purity,packaging,additives and excipients,flavor,certifications and quality standards,shelf life,regulatory compliance,volume and batch size,ect.

Phosphatidylserine liquid products typically come in various concentrations, such as 20%, 50%, or higher.The specific concentration you can purchase will depend on the manufacturer and your needs.

Some phosphatidylserine products are derived from soy lecithin, while others may come from other sources like sunflower lecithin.The source of the phosphatidylserine may be specified in the product specifications.

The purity of phosphatidylserine is an important specification.It is typically measured as a percentage of the total phosphatidylserine content in the product.Higher purity is often preferred for pharmaceutical and clinical applications.

The packaging of the product can vary.It may be available in different-sized bottles, containers, or drums.The type of packaging can also impact the shelf life and stability of the product.

Some phosphatidylserine liquids may contain additives or excipients, such as preservatives or flavorings.These should be listed in the product specifications.

If the product is flavored, the specific flavor may be mentioned in the specifications.

The product specifications should indicate any relevant certifications or quality standards that the product meets, such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) or ISO certifications.

The expected shelf life of the product, as well as storage conditions, should be provided in the specifications.

Ensure that the product complies with relevant regulatory requirements in your region or for your specific application.

The product specifications may specify the available batch sizes and the minimum order quantity for wholesale.

Work closely with the manufacturer or supplier to ensure that the product specifications align with your specific needs and requirements for your business or application.