What are the requirements for shipping phosphatidylserine liquid?



Phosphatidylserine (PS) liquid is a dietary supplement that is often used for cognitive support and sports performance enhancement.When shipping phosphatidylserine liquid, there are certain requirements that need to be followed to ensure its safety and integrity.Here are some of the requirements for shipping phosphatidylserine liquid:

Proper packaging: Phosphatidylserine liquid should be packaged in a sturdy, leak-proof container that is suitable for transportation.The container should be sealed tightly to prevent any leakage during transit.

Temperature control: Phosphatidylserine liquid is sensitive to high temperatures and should be kept refrigerated during shipment.The container should be packed with ice or other cold packs to maintain a temperature range of 2-8°C (36-46°F) during transit.

Labeling: The container should be clearly labeled with the name of the product, the quantity, and any special handling instructions.The label should also include the name and contact information of the sender and receiver.

Compliance with shipping regulations: The shipment of PS liquid is subject to regulations set by national and international shipping authorities.It is important to comply with these regulations to ensure the safe and legal transportation of the product.

Proper handling: Phosphatidylserine liquid should be handled with care during shipment to avoid any impact or damage that could compromise its quality.It is important to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and other factors that could affect the product's stability.

In summary, shipping phosphatidylserine liquid requires proper packaging, temperature control, labeling, compliance with shipping regulations, and careful handling to ensure its safety and integrity.