What role does phosphatidylserine play in the human body?



Phosphatidylserine powder, also known as serine phosphatidylserine or diacylglycerol phosphate serine, belongs to the phospholipid class. It is the only phospholipid that regulates the functional state of key proteins in cell membranes and is therefore an essential substance in our bodies.

What does phosphatidylserine do for our brains? It is understood that phosphatidylserine is one of the main components of the brain nerve, she can not only nourish and activate the activity of various enzymes in the brain, delay the process of neurotransmitters, but also help repair and renew the damaged cells of imagination, remove harmful substances. Proper supplementation of phosphatidylserine can increase the number of brain spikes, improve the mobility of brain cell membranes, and promote the glucose metabolism of brain cells, thus achieving the effect of enhancing brain cell activity, and improving memory, attention, and alertness.

Appropriate intake of phosphatidylserine in nervous people can significantly reduce excessive stress hormone levels, relieve fatigue, the bad mood of depression, and improve mood disorders, behavioral abnormalities, and other symptoms.