What are the ways to obtain phosphonoylserine powder?



Phosphatidylserine power is a group of compounds, rather than a single component because the residues of lipo ethyl phthalein vary widely depending on the raw material used to extract phosphatidylserine powder. Due to the unique properties of the structure of phosphatidylserine power, it has both hydrophilic and oily amphiphilic properties. The negatively charged head has hydrophilic properties, while the tail composed of fatty acids has lipophilic properties.

How do we get Phosphatidylserine power? It can be synthesized from human or animal conditions, extracted from plants, or extracted from soy lecithin using biocatalytic technology.

The head group of phospholipids can be easily modified by a phospholipid acyl transfer reaction using phospholipase D so that Phosphatidylserine from phosphatidylcholine or any other phospholipid mixture can be catalyzed with serine via PLD. Soybean lecithin was used as raw material to prepare phosphoester serine, water was used as a reaction solvent, serine was added for full emulsification, and then high-activity phospholipase D was added for catalysis. After the complete reaction, petroleum ether was added for extraction and separation. After recovering petroleum ether, the concentrated liquid was added into food-grade anhydrous ethanol, solid insoluble matter was precipitated by intense stirring, and ethanol was recovered after centrifugation. The solid was obtained by vacuum drying to obtain Phosphatidylserine.