What happens when human body lacks phosphatidylserine?



Known as the third generation of emerging "smart nutrients", phosphatidylserine powder is also regarded as a "new weapon to activate the brain". As we grow older, the content of phosphatidylserine in our brain will gradually decrease, which means that people with poor memory can not achieve the effect by just eating fish, liver, and other dietary supplements. You can choose to supplement phosphatidylserine after consulting relevant doctors in regular hospitals. After a period of supplement, it is helpful to restore the imagination function. Then, what kind of substance is phosphatidylserine? According to Hangzhou Food Ingredients Cloud Technology Co., LTD, phosphatidylserine powder is a natural phospholipid compound, which is mainly found in the inner part of the cell membrane and is a structural component of endoplasmic reticulum, nuclear membrane, Golgi apparatus, mitochondria, and myelin sheath. It's also an active substance in cell membranes. There are significant differences in the levels of phosphatidylserine in different tissues in our bodies. In most tissues, phosphatidylserine makes up only about 3% of the total membrane phospholipids, while in brain tissue, it is closer to 18%.

Phosphatidylserine helps to improve nerve cell function, restore brain vitality, relieve stress and brain fatigue, accelerate body recovery, and prevent muscle pain. Therefore, we can take some functional foods containing phosphatidylserine as a nutritional fortifier, such as dairy products and drinks.