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Hydroxytyrosol factory price



The main material used for packaging hydroxytyrosol in a factory can vary, but it is commonly packaged in materials that provide protection against light, moisture, and external contaminants to ensure the stability and quality of the product.Some common packaging materials for hydroxytyrosol include dark glass bottles,aluminum foil Bags,vacuum-sealed pouches,plastic containers,tightly sealed caps and lids,ect.

Hydroxytyrosol is sensitive to light, and dark glass bottles, such as amber or cobalt blue glass, are often used to protect it from exposure to light, which can degrade its quality.

Aluminum foil bags provide a barrier against light and moisture.They are often used for bulk packaging or as secondary packaging to protect hydroxytyrosol from environmental factors.

Vacuum-sealed pouches help remove air and create a protective environment, preventing oxidation and maintaining the stability of hydroxytyrosol.

Some hydroxytyrosol products may be packaged in dark plastic containers that offer protection against light.However, glass is generally preferred to avoid potential interactions with certain plastics.

Regardless of the material used, the packaging typically includes tightly sealed caps or lids to prevent air and moisture from entering, ensuring the product's integrity.

It's important for the packaging to comply with regulatory standards and be chosen based on the specific properties of hydroxytyrosol to maintain its efficacy and quality throughout storage and transportation.Packaging decisions may also consider factors such as the intended use of the product and environmental impact.