How to preserve phosphatidylserine liquids?



Phosphatidylserine is a kind of biological molecule, which is widely used in biology, pharmacy, and other fields. In order to maintain its stability and activity, the following points need to be taken care of to preserve the phosphatidylserine liquid:

Temperature: Phosphatidylserine should be stored in cold storage. It is recommended to store it below -20to avoid being affected by high temperatures.

Light: Phosphatidylserine should be kept out of direct sunlight because UV rays in sunlight degrade biomolecules and cause them to lose their activity.

Avoid vibration and oscillation: In the process of preserving liquid phosphatidylserine, it is necessary to avoid violent vibration and oscillation, lest the structure of phosphatidylserine molecules be damaged.

Airtightness: When preserving phosphatidylserine liquid, it needs to be placed in a sealed container to avoid being affected by oxygen and moisture in the air, resulting in changes in its molecular structure.

Avoid freeze-thaw: Thaw the liquid phosphatidylserine slowly before use, and put it back in the cold immediately after use to avoid repeated freeze-thaw, which may cause irreversible damage to the molecular structure of phosphatidylserine.

In short, in order to preserve the phosphatidylserine liquid, it needs to be stored in cold storage, avoids light, vibration, and oscillation, sealed storage, avoid freezing and thawing, etc. These measures can maintain its stability and activity, and extend its service life.