Health problems of Chinese people



Brain health: China has entered an age of aging, with 221 million people over 60 years old nationwide and 6 million people with dementia (50 million globally), and the number is rising rapidly. It is urgent to prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Cancer rehabilitation: China has an increasingly high incidence of cancer. In 2015, 4.8 million people were newly diagnosed, including 2.8 million deaths. Cancer postoperative rehabilitation directly determines the survival status of patients. There is a 22% probability of cancer in a person's life.

Lung protection: haze causes many diseases, especially pneumonia and lung cancer.

Liver protection: China has a high incidence of liver disease, and the form of liver cancer is becoming increasingly cruel. Every year, 400000 people die of liver disease, 200 million people die of fatty liver disease, 90 million people are infected with hepatitis B, and 10 million people are infected with hepatitis C.

Health influencing factors published by the World Health Organization