What are the main functions of phosphatidylserine power?



The main effects of phosphatidylserine powder are reflected in the improvement of nerve cell function, the regulation of nerve impulse conduction, and the enhancement of brain memory function. Phosphatidylserine affects the transmission of chemical information in the brain. Phosphatidylserine helps brain cells store and read data. However, as people age, their levels of important brain chemicals such as phosphatidylserine decrease. Make memory, cognitive ability, and other functions decline. Phosphatidylserine exists in cell membranes and is involved in the metabolic activities of cells. Studies have shown that the content of phosphatidylserine in different cells is also different.

Phosphatidylserine power is an important phospholipid compound, which was first extracted and characterized by neurochemist Jord Folch from the bovine brain in 1942. There are various phospholipids in the human body, and phosphatidylserine is an important phospholipid component in the brain. Although the content is very small, it has special functions.