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China supplies caffeic acid



Caffeic acid is a natural compound that can be found in various plant sources, and its extraction and production are often more focused on individual companies or manufacturers rather than entire countries.

Caffeic acid is present in plants like coffee beans, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more.Therefore, the supply of caffeic acid comes from various regions around the world where these plants are cultivated.Coffee-producing countries, for instance, would contribute to the supply of caffeic acid due to its presence in coffee beans.  Similarly, countries with significant fruit and vegetable production, as well as those with herb cultivation, would also contribute to the overall supply of caffeic acid.

The production of caffeic acid can be part of larger industries, such as coffee production, agriculture, and food processing.  As a result, the supply of caffeic acid might not be as directly tied to specific countries as other commodities.