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Caffeic acid production plant



China is a significant producer of various natural compounds and chemicals, including caffeic acid. The exact locations of production plants can change over time, but we can provide you with some information about the regions that are known for chemical manufacturing, including caffeic acid, as of that time.

China has several industrial zones and regions known for chemical production, including the production of natural compounds like caffeic acid. Some of the regions that might have caffeic acid production plants include Shandong Province,Jiangsu Province,Zhejiang Province,Sichuan Province,Fujian Province,Guangdong Province,ect.

Shandong is a major industrial and chemical manufacturing hub in China.Cities like Jinan, Qingdao, and Weifang have established chemical industries and could potentially have caffeic acid production.

Jiangsu is another prominent chemical manufacturing region.Cities like Nanjing, Suzhou, and Changzhou are known for hosting chemical production facilities.

Zhejiang is known for its chemical industry, and cities like Hangzhou and Ningbo have chemical manufacturing activities.

Sichuan is known for its natural resources and has been involved in the production of various plant-based compounds, including caffeic acid.

Fujian has a growing chemical industry, and cities like Xiamen and Fuzhou could potentially host such production facilities.

Guangdong is an economic powerhouse in China with diverse industrial activities, and some regions within this province might be involved in chemical production.

Specific production plant locations can change over time, and new facilities might have been established since my last update.